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“My mom was a resident of FHCC for the past four years. From day one she was treated with respect and loving kindness. The entire staff of the FHCC is awesome, they are very caring and work hard to develop relationships with the residents. The facility isn’t the prettiest or fanciest but it serves the purpose. I would recommend FHCC in a heartbeat.”

Testimonial 3

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“Really enjoy being here. It’s the best out of all places I’ve been.”

Testimonial 2

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“Compassionate, caring care for my 91 yr old mother!”

Testimonial 4

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“Flint Hills Care Center is an amazing place! The staff is very friendly and considerate of all the residents. I would greatly recommend them!”

Testimonial 5

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“Serenity feeling to landscape. Very helpful Staff. Good food. Good care.”

Testimonial 1

Testimonial 1 150 150 Flinthilluser

“Very clean facility. The food is wonderful and nourishing. Staff, at all levels, is considerate and compassionate. A very “homey” feeling!”